Pain is merely a Neutral Messenger! Learning how to read the language of pain not only helps heal one faster but also helps in early reversal of disease. Learning about Pain is thus an art and science known to ancient yogis and healers. 


Mind is another Neutral yet a very powerful ally in human journey towards staying healthy, prosperous and peaceful throughout our lives.  Knowing how to use the unlimited power and potential to heal self is another timeless yet proven protocol followed in Ayurveda and ancient health. 


Body is our playground where we have to survive but also adapt, evolve and thrive


Our mission at Health Alchemy Inc, is to bridge the gap between what is and what could be in terms of good, bad and ugly aspects of health.  Imparting timely knowledge, how to do protocols and dynamic self manageable process is what we focus on.  Using Pain as your own guide, Mind as a powerful ally and Body as your working, playing and doing ground, we are determined to help individuals manage pain, disease and your overall well being, we focus to create time for more important things like enjoying life. 




 Yoga and Pain Rehab Group Classes  


On Demand On Zoom

Cost - Free

Sign up for a Free introductory class from a Integrative Health trainer who understand your needs as well as for you to know if this is right for you. Once you both are comfortable, you can schedule one on one or group classes of your choice. 



Custom Guided Mini Group Classes

via Zoom or in Person


Cost - $50/Class 




   What to Expect   


Guided Pain Management Body Alignment Movements

 Guided Self Assessment of Cranio-Sacral Blockages

Guided Atrophy Areas Self Assessment 

Putting it all together to Initiate Simple To-do Protocols 



What do you Bring: Yoga Mat, Light Blanket, Water to Rehydrate yourself. 

Attire : Yoga/Workout Clothes



  What You Get @ Individualized/Group Sessions 


Fully guided individualized pain management techniques

Customized long term self management protocols 



Call: 301-738-1074 to Confirm. Spaces are Limited So Call Quickly. 


Email: Healthalchemyor at gmail.com